Wisdom From The Galaxy Stories

Cougar in the Hunt 
signature Mrs. Robinson leg, cougar, 21, lust, attraction, affair, 40, sexuality after 50
Not even the crowd all around us could distill his gaze..

The Desert Diva rocking her late forties, she throws caution to the wind to conduct a personal human experiment with the cougar phenomenon…..more

Temperance & The Devil

This is the story of how Galaxy and I met Mr. Wonderful on a typical magical desert evening as the sky comes to life with blue-black-tint of purple clouds…more

Galaxy, The Joey, and Me

While recovering from a major heartbreak, the desert Diva attends a magical holiday gathering that brings new possibilities and reasons to move forward. After this fated night, life in Joshua Tree continues to evolve as wide as the desert sky.

Ode to Ethical Affiliates Beauty Bay

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