Who is Galaxy?

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Astronomy is a powerful sight and experience in the desert. I have loved astronomy and been intrigued with the night sky most of my life. I have lived with and cared for adopted house rabbits for 14 years. During the evening hours, when I feel lost and confused I can go outside my home or to a local stargazing event and somehow find serenity, strength and most of all wisdom. Galaxy is my magic number 13th house rabbit over the last 14 years. My house rabbits,  have a similar effect that the universe has on me, which is one of the reasons I have named them after the moon, the sun, the sky, the stars, the universe….Rabbits dwell on the earth yet their spirit is as infinite as the universe. Galaxy has remarkable powers of the universe. He is a magical bunny that has a remarkable effect on most people, animals, and especially me. #animalspirit

Galaxy has a powerful spirit; sadly his body is as weak as his spirit is strong. He came to me with an eye problem that his “rescuer” (rabbit warehouse) told me had been check by a vet as being benign but she was not honest. The eye ruptured and I have the daily task of caring for it to prevent infection. Galaxy’s eye issue creates residual respiratory issues. He also has high blood calcium and abnormally lean, so I have to monitor his diet to put weight on him without feeding him too much calcium. I suspect my sweet Galaxy was recklessly backyard inbred and needed someone with my years of experience with rabbits and my ability and dedication. I adopted him in a very difficult stage of my life and needed him as much as he needs me. Galaxy is a miracle saving grace and I feel blessed for each moment of his life. 

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Photo courtesy of Vanessa Leigh Hiner 

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