Temperance and The Devil

Temperance and The Devil:

This is the story of how Galaxy and I met Mr. Wonderful on a typical magical desert evening as the sky comes to life with blue-black-tint of purple clouds. Mr. Wonderful kindness towards myself and Galaxy awaken my heart’s desire and a passion that had been dormant from years of traveling and tragedy. Our complete contentment and comfort with Mr. Wonderful felt like a revelation. For the first time in my life my feelings were deceiving me and so was he…..

It Happened That Night in Landers

date, love, attraction, night sky, magic of the galaxy
“What exactly is the attraction?’ I asked as he stroked me in the right places with his fingertips…….

Temperance & the Devil 1: Back To the Desert

Temperance & the Devil 2: Is This a Date? 

Temperance & the Devil 3: Dancing in His Eyes

Temperance & the Devil 4: Galaxy Spell

Temperance & the Devil 5: Galaxy’s Spell

Temperance & the Devil 6: Ambivalence

Temperance & The Devil 7: Insanity Plea 

Temperance & The Devil 8: Fire in the Hills

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