Enjoying Life After 40: Survival Tools.

This Wisdom From the Galaxy page is dedicated to the changes that occur after the age of 40. These changes can be discouraging, though the right tools can eliminate pain and inconvenience significantly. Take a look at the list below and please use comment section to add your own favorites. 

  • Achy feet and plantar fasciitis is common after 40 and especially after 45. My reflexology stone sandals (below) have inspired jokes, astonishment, and disbelief in my social circles yet tremendous relief for me! I-Living Sandals.

  • Menopause and Sex: Sex drive increases for many women during and after menopause. At the same time, the vaginal walls begin to thin and this is easy to remedy with vaginal lubricant. Kegeling daily, vaginal lubricant during sex and self-pleasuring, and frequent sex should you be lucky will add strength and ease to vaginal walls.

  • Companion animal: If time, energy, desire, and money permit adopting a companion animal is a wonderful way to enjoy the second half of life. Companion animals reduce stress and blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, promote positive self-esteem, give us motivation and purpose, and help us to stay out of the unhealthy relationships that we have outgrown.
  • Exercise: The emphasis on exercise for women over 40 can be found just about anywhere including with your doctor or nurse practitioner. Weight bearing exercise is especially important for women. Movement throughout the day providing stimulus to our circulation is effective at relieving and preventing leg cramps.
  • Leg Cramps: Leg cramps are a nightmare. Here is how I have minimized leg cramps a) I eat 2 bananas a day b) My ILiving Reflexology Sandals 

c) I move and change positions throughout my day. d) My core disk- while working I sit on my core disk and I stand on it several times a day. e) I do yoga stretches specifically for leg cramps before bed.

  • I will not tell you to “be positive” or “maintain a positive attitude” Menopause creates mood swings that make me sad and cry. I have struggled with a crippling fear of death and what lies on the other side. The difficulty of knowing that my life is half over is real and frustrating. I will share with my readers how the realizations that have alleviated these fears and frustrations. It is simple. The first half of my life was a series of hard lessons that have made a permanent impression on me. I walked into walls frequently in my early 20s due to facing aspects of adult life that I had no idea how to handle. At this stage of my life I avoid those walls because I have learned how to handle situations that used to confuse me to the point of spinning in circles (not to mention hitting the wall) I often think about how much I wasted time on things that did not matter. This time was not wasted, because I have learned the lessons that enable me to take life easier for the second half of life. Of course we are always confronted with challenges and lessons.  When faced with obstacles during midlife, we have a solid foundation of mistakes, lessons, and  experiences enabling us to manage difficulties quicker and far more decisive. My generation (born 1968) has an added advantage: the impact of the baby boomers! Menopause is a household word discussed openly and without taboo. Every other commercial is about bladder control and I am willing to bet that this is why amazon has surpassed walmart by leaps and bounds! 

  • Avoid Isolation: Seek healthy introspective solitude and enjoy your own awesome company, and at the same time avoid isolation. Participate in community activities according to your personal style.
  • Do what you love to do! My labor of love: Wisdom From The Galaxy, reaching out and entertaining single women over 40 who love animals!

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