Cougar In The Hunt

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As the desert night darkened the room, he stared down at me….
Cougar in the Hunt Vlog

The Desert Diva throws caution to the wind to conduct a personal human experiment with the cougar phenomenon when she meets a 21- year-old, just after midnight, on Valentine’s Day morning. This wide-eyed 21-year-old also happens to be an amputee resulting from birth defects, so his unusual anatomy is intriguing and appeals to her sense of adventure. While she is pleasantly surprised to be enjoying the company of someone she has nothing in common with, the inevitable drama leads to the realizations of the freedom that comes with maturity and the relief of leaving the painful early twenties stage in the past.

Cougar in the Hunt: In Just a Moment

Cougar in the Hunt 1  Cougar In the Hunt1  Vlog and Blog

Cougar in the Hunt 2: Did You Really Say 21?

Cougar in the Hunt 3: Here’s to You Mrs. Robinson

Cougar in the Hunt 4: Here’s To You Mrs. Robinson

Cougar in the Hunt 5: Cruel Light of Day

Cougar in the Hunt 6: What’s That You Say Mrs. Robinson?

Cougar in the Hunt Part 7: Sun to Moon

Cougar in the Hunt Part 8: Here’s to You Mrs. Robinson

Cougar in the Hunt Ebook Preview

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