Affirmations From The Galaxy

Affirmations From the Galaxy:  For the purpose of reader engagement, and to greater fulfill the objectives of my blog, I will be posting relationship and animal inspired affirmations at least once a week. Quotes will be various authors regarding personal and relationship topics.

Before you embark on a journey of revenge….

When my heart is breaking, I take comfort in friends and look ……

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My house bunny Galaxy reminds me that love does not have to hurt.

Love is a natural feeling that lives in the heart…..

Bunny Buddhism

“With friends you grow wings alone, you are a single feather……

Blindness, 3rd Eye Affirmation: “The way we see is ever more important than how something looks…..more

“Bitterness and hatred changes me into someone I don’t want to be….more

Though I truly love you, I do not need you…….more

I break free from unnecessary pain and sorrow…..more

To reciprocate love comes naturally; to love in the face of hate…

Bunny Buddhism and Galaxy Wisdom

Affirmations From The Galaxy: Women & Aging…….

Affirmations From the Galaxy: Wisdom From Experience

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Temperance and the Devil
Cougar in the Hunt