Affirmations From the Galaxy: Freedom

Freedom is always comes at a price, the return comes after the pain when I retrieve my soul….C.C. Silsbee

As much as I love you, I must act on the love I have for myself and let you go………C.C. SilsbeePhoto collage depicting the loss of love and heartbreak

I ran through the desert night, further and further from the pain ……I ran and I ran desperate for water…..worn out, I ran and I ran further and further…..I ran until I reached an oasis….I ran through the oasis and I found me……I looked to the Galaxy and found my way home…..C.C. Silsbee

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Wisdom From the Galaxy

Cougar In the Hunt Vlog

Temperance & The Devil

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Affirmations From The Galaxy: Wisdom From Experience

The pain of heartbreak is the ground breaking of future opportunities…….C.C. Silsbee

The magic of middle-age is knowing that the hardest lesson are left behind………C.C. Silsbee

affirmations, hope, love, blind, 3rd eyeThe moment I looked into your eyes, I knew the reasons for my past pains……C.C. Silsbee

A house is a home with a rabbit in the house…….C.C.

I release your troubled soul to the winds, for the divine is your true salvation, not I……..C.C. Silsbee

Temperance & The Devil Vlogs

Cougar in the Hunt Vlog  vlog, video blog, single woman over 40, Mrs. Robinson, cougar, Mrs. Robinson leg

Wisdom From the Galaxy

More Affirmations From the Galaxy

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Temperance and the Devil EBook Preview

As Mr. Wonderful held my head on his lap with one hand, he used the other hand to graze my body within reach over my clothes. I continued to talk until I wondered if I was talking too much. “You are so quiet. Am I talking too much?” I said, looking up at his face. He continued to move his fingertips over my clothes lingering at my chest and pelvic region as he looked down at me saying “I am just listening and getting to know more about you.” He looked into my eyes with warmth and satisfaction as he continues to touch me. I looked into his eyes, without talking until his fingers reached over my shorts inside the natural opening of my relaxed legs.

Full Ebook available January, 2018.

Meanwhile the story of the Desert Diva and her Galaxy will continue bi-weekly! Stay tuned for pictorial How We Met The Joey .

Cougar in the Hunt

Affirmations From the Galaxy

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