Podcast Encore: 5pm July 5th

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As a woman over 40, pushing 50, have created this blog for the purposed of using my writing skills to create something especially meaningful to women. The best show of appreciation, since this blog is brand new, is feedback, sharing my site with others, and a donation of any amount in that order. Even a small donation, will go a long way to support my gourmet coffee habit.

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Affirmations from The Galaxy

Today’s affirmations from the Galaxy come directly from Bunny Bunny Buddhism  and are dedicated to bunny wisdom everywhere. These tidbits of bunny wisdom have cheered me up and provided insight for me through some difficult transitions and heartbreak.

“The wise bunny knows that which is real will be known when the various forms of illusion have ceased.

“The path I have hopped is gone, and the path I imagine has not yet arrived.”

“The wise bunny knows life has no guarantees, only choices.”

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For me, the greatest answers and joys come from looking to the Galaxy

Wisdom From the Galaxy

Cougar in the Hunt

Temperance & the Devil

More Affirmations

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