Affirmations From the Galaxy 1

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”


Time spent plotting, planning, and implementing revenge is better spent on my own happy full-filling life….Candice Silsby

Cougar in the Hunt

Temperance and the Devil

Affirmations From the Galaxy

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Angry? Hurt? Betrayed? The best revenge is injecting goodness:
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As a woman over 40, pushing 50, I have created this blog for the purposed of using my writing skills to create something especially meaningful to women. The best show of appreciation, since this blog is brand new, is feedback, sharing my site with others, and a donation of any amount in that order. Even a small donation, will go a long way to support my gourmet coffee habit

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New Blog Addition- Affirmations 3 Days a Week

For the purpose of reader engagement, and to greater fulfill the objectives of my blog, I will be posting relationship and animal inspired affirmations Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Affirmations will be original, written by me and quoted by others. Affirmations will link together with story posts that they apply Temperance & the Devil and Cougar In the Hunt, and upcoming serials. Best of all, I am hoping the comment section will allow for readers to add their own!!

Also, I am trying to develop a realistic and consistent flow of serial blog posts. I have been running into challenges with the emotional upheaval of the stories I am telling, (grief) so I need to slow down a little and begin injecting positives.

This blog is a labor of love, for women over 40 and most especially ANIMALS!

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Photo courtesy of Vanessa Leigh Hinner a special friend and talented image capturer.


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