That Night in Landers

It Happened That Night in Landers

I danced the magical night awayanimal wisdom, rabbit spirit, love, romantic night, first date, music, dancing friendship, falling in love, attraction

in his crystalline blue eyes,

fluid and comfortable, gentle and kind.

He shared the night sky with me, as the universe gave way to us, in all her blessed glory.

He shined like a star to me, as the road I had travel was paved with sorrows left behind. 

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My path ahead filled with beauty, adventure, possibilities, dreams, friendships all lay gloriously ahead of me.

Despite my fears I opened my heart to him,

I reached out my hand to him;

I slowed down, I stepped back, and to the side so he could join me.

Held behind, he is trapped in a place i cannot go and not even my heart can break the chains that bind his. temp&devil

So I am to go ahead, in my own light. 

My path will take me forward

through twist and turn,

uphill and down through rivers and valleys;

Wherever the journey takes me I walk with spirit;

In strength and beauty I will always be the one to walk in the sun…….

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